Saturday, August 6, 2016

Next Door Neighbor's Coniferous Daydream

Once upon a time a silver haired osprey dreamt of slippery elm...well, more like the squirrels that were trimming Brian's elm tree, and scattering elm leaf branches on the backyard lawn. 

The croquet hoops had been squirreled away in a remote corner of the deteriorating urban garage spider webbed rafters.  Urbane keyed padlock by Medeco.  And that's when a bluebird arrived on the T in the middle of the yard.  The T had memories of clothes dancing in the nostalgic wind.

And the T made up a haiku in honor of the goings on...

Squirrel Nutkin...why?
why are you so mischief-bound?
please sashay next door

...which tickled Osprey and Bluebird's funny bones.  When a passing stag beetle said, "Funny bone," I was reminded of hitting mine while navigating the stairs in my adobe ghetto hacienda this morning...half awake.

1 comment:

Sharon Parker said...

A very enjoyable word ramble through a backyard in anytown.