Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Interaction Series . . 1

And three and a half years after my last post?  Crazy, strange, sweet interactions in the process of realizing an art glass piece from scraps of memory, paper, dreams, and happenstance.  The first in this series started life when an honest to goodness librarian pieced together the idea for a trout necklace, incorporating recycled glass from a Two Hearted Ale bottle.

Maria modeling a prototype trout necklace

"SO excited to have found your etsy shop after randomly finding a flickr photo stream featuring earrings (beerrings!) made with glass from Bell's Two-Hearted Ale bottles--and THEN I saw this necklace. I can't imagine a better way to display my Michigan pride and abiding love for the best IPA ever than to have a trout necklace that strongly evokes the Two-Hearted label, AND that integrates a bit of glass from a Two-Hearted bottle...Possible? Thanks for your input."


Strangely enough...I was visiting friends last night, when they trotted out a bevy of Two Hearted Ales. I commented on the glass (a nice wavy nuanced subtle pattern), and blurted out, "Aren't feisty librarians the coolest!?!" Okay...that last exclamation didn't happen, eh? but to add nibble to the slosh, a plate of smoked fish from Lake Superior, along with water crackers and goat cheese was bandied about! Cosmic convergence? keh keh keh (Turkish for wheeeeeee!)! In other words...what an intriguing puzzle to solve, yes? 

Let me percolate how this can be accomplished in an artful manner! The combination seems irresistible...hop explosion! Possible? I say a resounding, "Yes ma'am!" 

Feisty Librarian sporting the finished necklace

NEXT Post...Thresher shark and repartee...