Friday, July 3, 2009

Leaf Mobile Wrangled from Wine & Beer Bottles

"I would like to begin a torrid writ-a-thon with you regarding the creation of a smallish (5 leaves) mobile for a wedding are the best leaf glass person in the universe. I adore your work. My budget is about $100, can this be accomplished? It's okay if the leaves are smaller as such. I would like a variety of greens.

I hope this was torrid enough of a beginning. I can submit a picture of my cat in lingerie if you need further enticement!

Thanks and please let me know if this is do-able..."

I'm pleased to hear that you enjoy my leaf efforts--curve--and for my part, I enjoyed yer preliminary writty--cats in lingerie will not be required, however, although the image is tantalizing. My writty seems a bit askew this afternoon, but I believe a couple of Golden Monkeys will set that right. Five leaf mobile (Folk Art Nature Inspired Chandelier, eh?)--aspen, elm, ginkgo, oak, maple? Ginkgoes are the simplest, and elms and aspens could be simplified while maintaining a good feel. Peroni beer bottles are green, so are Carlsberg, Pilsner Urquell, et cetera--what do you favor? Fitty two dollar bills may be a challenge...let me percolate the concept, and see if there's a pleasing solution. Let me know about specific leaves or bottles--or you can leaf that up to me--eheheheh, and I'll begin to conjure a couple of designs in me lumpy...

" reminds me of this long walk I do under the towering arches of summer trees and the lovely variations of greens in the light, laced with blue sky."

...looking for your own--give me a holler!