Sunday, May 3, 2009

Noelle Earrings, or Nature as Muse Earrings (Beerings, Bierings)...

Here's Chikage Windler sportin' her WAG elm leaf beerings on the set of KSTP 5 News after an inspiring go-around (she animates and illustrates the impending weather with a presence not seen in these parts since Barry Zevan the Weatherman, eh?), arm flourishes and creative weather banter for the 5pm newscast--whhheeeeeeeee!

The inspiration for these leaves (bees and whatever else might catch your fancy), came from the gentle prodding and cajoling of Noelle of Xenotees--"What about little leaf earrings?" Strangely enough, I have very little ears. After a stacatto earwire and proper dangle roust-about with Nik of Lillyella--the rest is history. Check 'em out at your nearest etsy glass esoteric outpost!

Nibbled around the edges elm leaves cut from the sides of Two Hearted Ales, Moretti La Rossas, and Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss. Ginkgoes from green Peroni beer bottles and yellowish green wine bottles. Aspen, ivy, oak (the usual suspects), from various brews und baubles...

...even a pair of honeybees for a beekeeper in Hawaii from various beer bottle concoctions. For even more fun, drop off a couple of yer favorite brews at WAG headquarters, and after the ceremonial pairing with stinky cheese and other delectables--whatever your favorite leaf is will be surreptiously conjured from the bottle. What are you waiting for? Hop on the Hop Express!


eNVe said...

too cool brian! congrats on the exposure! :D

Kara Witham said...

Hi there, I like that your work comes from beer bottles and such and turns out so lovely. (Well, nothing against beer bottles or anything, but).

p.s. Thanx for coming by my blog.

See you,