Saturday, January 10, 2009

...wag tag rag...

The former nipple ring aficionado Ngan of eNVe Designs has tagged me so off we go to the 6 random things about myself shadow-land...

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the rules:
link to the person who tagged you > post the rules on your blog > write six random things about yourself > tag six people at the end of your post and link to them > let each person know they've been tagged

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1. I find it profitable for my well-being, and the well-being of those around me to listen to accordion and mandolin music; walk in the urban forest that surrounds my ghetto home; read the Bible--I especially enjoy Job, Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes; banter with my three sons over Mr. Sunshines and LandPhils at the Wienery--whhheeeee!

2. I was over ten pounds when I was born, and I'm still me mum's favorite--hehe.

3. I've broken one leg, both arms, one finger; crushed a thumb, trimmed the tips off of two fingers (down to the bone--they've eventually grown back mit a slightly mitered appearance); cracked me head open--sorta; and herniated a disc in my lower back...

4. As a junior in high school, I made a favorable impression (age old story: eccentric hermit artist attracts over achiever honor socialite), on a senior Ingrid Bergman look a like contestant classmate...thirty seven odd years later--she's my one and only!

5. I enjoy eggs from free ranging, bug eating chickens--yum!

6. I'm a card carrying Teamster, Cake Eaters International member und co-founder, Lunatics mit at least three European Grandparents Consortium and Whole Farm Coop member--whhhheeeeeee!

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eNVe said...

WOW, Brian, you are indestructable! And I can't believe you were a 10 lb baby. My son was 9 lbs 3oz and I thought that was heavy! Maybe he'll be indestructable too!

myuglyface said...

That ten pounds is a little misleading. The basket containing him that arrived on the doorstoop was somewhat sketchy on details. We had a novelty fishing scale from Sveinson's Lodge on Lutzen Lake so we used that to weigh him. The novelty part being that anything you weighed with it registered ten pounds (so you could tell fisherman stories). Other than that, everything seems accurate.

Shiningwoman, freelance artist said...

What can I say..."I've smiled alot. You have a beautiful way of recycling."